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Remember 9/11/2001. The
Children’s Chance
ships books when
we raise the money
for a container
and its shipping.

Your support makes
our dream a reality.

Can you imagine a school
without books?

Most schools in English-speaking Caribbean nations own very few books. The subject matter comes from the knowledge of the teacher and the blackboard is the main teaching aid.

Where books are available, they’re rare and precious, and are shared between large numbers of students who are thirsty for the vital knowledge necessary for self development and advancement of the community and country.

These children are starved for books.

We acquire books that
would otherwise be discarded!

We use our cooperative network with public and private schools, libraries and publishers to save books from the dumpster. 

Tthe books are moved to our warehouse space in the city of Golden Valley, MN. Our volunteers sort, catalog and pack the books by category.

We don’t distribute the books in Jamaica but we check up on those that do.

Our volunteers and other friends frequently vacation in Jamaica where they visit the recipient sites to get a first hand look at our impact in Jamaica. This direct contact also helps us get a picture of the book needs of the people in Jamaica.

Getting books donated
is not a problem.

Schools and libraries have difficulty disposing of their unwanted books.And they like to see the books given a second life.

Raising money for shipping
is the challenge.

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